Social Media Drives Holiday Sales

Brands That Use Social Media To Help Customers With Holiday Shopping Know A Secret …

Social media users are more influential, spend more on holiday gifts and are more likely to recommend a holiday gift than non-users. Their advocacy is directly influencing holiday gift purchasing decisions this holiday, and we have the proof! During the weeks leading up to Black Friday / Cyber Monday, social media users were 1.5x as a likely to make a gift recommendation to their friends and family. Better yet, those recommendations were twice as likely to result in a holiday gift purchase than recommendations made from non-social media users.

Brands that recognize this are winning big this season. Among brands that respond to consumer’s requests across their brand pages, these interactions led consumers to make a holiday gift purchase 80% of the time! While this is compelling, our research indicates that brands are only responding around 1/2 of the time to these requests, leaving opportunity on the table.

This January, Mr Youth will be unveiling a full report on how social advocacy-fueled gift purchases this season. To learn more about what brands won big, which social media consumers are most valuable, and what your brand should know about how to join this conversation, send a short email request to: and be among the first to receive our report when it launches!

Infographic: How Social Media Won Holiday Sales

About Our Methodology

The data in this infographic is reflective of the three week period leading up to and during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping event. It is a small part of a broader, six week study on social media usage during 2011 the holiday shopping season. Unless noted in the copy as a BF / CM data point, all information is cumulative of the three week period leading up to and on BF / CM. Our full study is currently being fielded through a nationwide survey of 500 households, once a week, over the six week period leading up to the Christmas holiday (November 17 – December 19). Mr Youth conducted this study in conjunction with Survey Sampling International (SSI) and Kanter Analytics.

-Nicholas Fuller